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Browser Isolation + Zero Trust:
Protecting Your Weakest Link

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a ubiquitously connected network of physical devices that serve to enhance human and machine communication capabilities while facilitating data exchanges over the Internet. As such, today’s organizations need everywhere protection, requiring a fundamentally different approach that’s 100% effective.

Modern cybersecurity still acts as it did back when the industry was created, relying on antiquated solutions such as sandboxing, whitelists, and URL filtering to detect malware before it activates in the user’s environment. This approach worked in the early years of the Internet, when websites were mainly static, and malware was clunky, basic, and easily detectable. Today, web pages serve up rich, dynamic content hosted on distributed servers scattered across the web. The staggering array of entry points and third-party web elements coupled with web apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies have changed the way people access the Internet. Modern users require continuous, 24/7 direct connections wherever work takes them.

Given the Internet expansion within and across our Nation’s critical infrastructure sectors, it is vital that Governments and Businesses prioritize the implementation of browser isolation and zero-trust architectures to mitigate cyber-physical systems risk, negate impact on network performance, and enhance the customer/user experience.

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