Dots and Bridges is motivated to engender thought-provoking dialogue addressing how Technology, Humanity, and Culture intersect. Utilizing the power of Storytelling and Translation, we highlight individual passion, features technological innovation, and conveys societal impact.

Founded by Pete Tseronis, we serve as a unique nexus for “Connecting Dots and Building Bridges.”

Pete worked inside the U.S. Federal Government for 25 years, kicking-off his career at the Pentagon and finishing as a Senior Executive Service member. Pete served four Presidential Administrations, three Cabinet Agencies, the Executive Office of the President, and was appointed Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Education.

An accomplished entrepreneur, business executive, and technology strategist with 30+ years leading public, private, and non-profit entities, Pete maintains a fervor for working in partnership with Government, Industry, and Academia to unearth inventive solutions, accelerate sustainable adoption, and streamline private-sector commercialization.


  • Convening influential individuals from Government, Industry, Non-Profit and Academia
  • Creating connections, highlighting innovation, and cultivating relationships
  • Celebrating progressive thinking, entrepreneurial passion, and creative vision
  • Crystallizing value proposition aligned to business mission


  • Specialized Event Facilitation and Moderation
  • Targeted Networking Forums
  • Strategic Consulting and Advising
  • Experiential Mentoring and Coaching
  • Trusted Relationship Training Workshops
  • Heightened Brand Awareness/Marketing

WHY PARTNER with Dots and Bridges

  • Access to opportunities and partners
  • Curate brand awareness and key differentiation
  • Showcase thought leadership
  • Generate new leads
  • Foster trusted relationships
  • Align solutions with organizational needs
  • Pre- and post-promotion via media channels
  • Expand customer reach

“Public Sector Access” PACKAGE

Dots and Bridges will produce a webcast to position your business as an expert in its field, articulate the unique service offering(s), distinguish value proposition, and highlight public-private partnerships. Activities include:

  • Program Planning: Mature, shape, and convey messaging for client-mapping and alliance management as it relates to your business value proposition.
  • Content Strategy Development: Distinguish salient line-of-sight between Federal policies/requirements and your business capabilities.
  • Target Audience Identification: Leverage relationship management skillsets and influential stakeholder connections across the Government, Commercial, Academic, and Entrepreneurial communities.
  • Content Creation: Develop targeted webcast speaking points and promotional video.
  • Exclusive Access: Initiate an engagement for your business stakeholders to meet with interviewee.
  • Marketing: Leverage social media channels for pre- and post-webcast publicizing.
  • Moderation: Facilitate a 45-minute information exchange to build rapport, induce active listening, and educate/inform.
  • In addition to a Full-length Interview, Dots and Bridges will produce two (2) shorter video segments, i.e. trailers, approximately 2-3 minutes in length, and one (1) video montage. The video segments will include your business logo and Pre-roll/Post-roll mentions. The Dots and Bridges social media channels will market these segments. Content and timing will be based on situational relevancy for greatest impact and will link to Full-length interview.

“Smart Cities Thought Leadership Consortium” PACKAGE

Dots and Bridges will interview thought leaders spanning public and private sectors to address how Government, Industry, and Academia accelerate next-generation cities, communities, and municipalities via critical infrastructure investment.

  • Pre-recorded Full-length interview (~30 minutes) with SPONSOR logo, Pre-roll and Post-roll mentions.
  • Pre-recorded Full-length interview will reside on the Dots and Bridges website for twelve (12) months and the Dots and Bridges YouTube channel.
  • SPONSOR will be provided with full length interview.
  • In addition to a Full-length Interview, Dots and Bridges will produce one (1) shorter video segment, i.e. trailer, approximately 2-3 minutes in length. This segment will include the SPONSOR logo and Pre-roll/Post-roll mentions. The Dots and Bridges social media channels will market this segment. Content and timing will be based on situational relevance for greatest impact and will link to the Full-length interview.


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