As we approach the close of wildfire season, this month we feature two game-changing solutions that allow utilities to safely and efficiently deliver electricity while significantly reducing the devastating risks of wildfires. LineVision’s dynamic line rating and line monitoring solution allow utilities to deliver more power over existing lines while detecting movement in lines to help prevent a potential breakage. If a line does break, SEL’s Falling Conductor Protection comes in for the save.

The idea behind Falling Conductor Protection is so direct: when a power line breaks, de-energize its power before it hits the ground and starts a wildfire. Simple, right?

Join LineVision’s Jonathan Marmillo, Co-Founder and VP of Product Management, along with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Senior VP of Research and Development, Ryan Bradetich, and Anterix COO, Ryan Gerbrandt, on August’s Industry Insights webcast and learn how de-energizing a falling conductor in less than a second really works — and how it takes a super-low latency private broadband network to make it happen.

Anterix Industry Insights Episode 15:
Wildfire Mitigation Tools Enabled by a Private Network

Hosted by:
Pete Tseronis, Founder, Dots and Bridges, former Department of Energy CTO

Featuring a distinguished panel of industry experts:
Ryan Gerbrandt, COO, Anterix
Jonathan Marmillo, Co-founder and VP of Product Management, LineVision
Ryan Bradetich, Senior VP for Research and Development, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories