Throughout my 25-year federal career, I had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with amazing entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change agents. What’s even more rewarding is that this “Coalition Of The Willing” comprises a wealth of experience, creativity, and humility that has fueled my passion for innovation.

A believer in paying-it-forward, I am super excited to kickoff my inaugural Constellation Event on November 16th, intended to celebrate this collective wisdom and accelerate the transfer of promising technologies toward broad economic impact.

We will address the fact that while modern information and communication technologies fuel increasingly efficient operations of complex critical energy infrastructure, these same technologies also create new vulnerabilities and associated risks for system owners and operators. As such, addressing these evolving threats requires innovative tools and capabilities to mitigate risk and enhance resiliency.

What is a Constellation Event?

It’s a real-time gathering of the most compelling stakeholders within the “innovation eco-system”, i.e. Problem Solver, Innovators, and Investors, who are interested in tackling challenges, advancing technology, and creating wealth.

We will share information on threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities, establish connections with the key people, processes, and resources, and showcase two amazing companies (Kaprica Security and Dark Cubed) uniquely positioned to enable critical infrastructure protection resiliency.

Additionally, our special guests include Karen Jackson, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia, James Hempstead, Associate Managing Director, Moody’s, and Bob Hutchinson, Deputy Director for Enterprise Risk Management, Sandia National Laboratory.

The day will be interactive, educational, and inspiring….connecting dots and building bridges.

Fired up!


Accelerating Innovation in the Energy Sector

NOVEMBER 16, 2017 12:00 PM