Within the technology domain, businesses face a constant dilemma whether or not to invest additional dollars into technical infrastructure. Do we or Don’t we? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, those in the IT space know this is a bit short-sighted, especially given the evolution of new and improved capabilities not to mention the risk of cyber threats.

This begs the question, how do the value propositions of three seemingly distinct (but not mutually exclusive) realms: the investor, entrepreneur, and public sector feed the continuum of IT modernization? Each entity plays a significant role in the perpetuity of innovation. But the intrinsic connective tissue requires surgical oversight.

Whether a portfolio of disruptive technologies, the “greatest thing since sliced bread”, or a significant investment coffer, each of these interests do benefit and need one another to fuel economic growth. It should be less about what’s in it for me and more about what’s in it for the collective us.

The Age of the Internet has indeed afforded a platform for innovation. And the components to invent, discover, and invest are key ingredients. As the Internet of Things spans the globe, ubiquitous connectivity and access to data-driven information clearly will impact the bottom line exponentially. Harnessing disruptive technologies and accelerating the transfer of intellectual property can only be achieved if connections are capitalized.