Date: March 10th, 2021, 11AM (EST)

Hear the dialog between a few of the Federal Government’s top data center thought leaders. Listen to lessons learned from their own experience and other enterprise organizations.

As they talk about the shifting trends in data center optimization, they assure us that working in the dark isn’t all that scary. And, turning up the heat or “global warming” of your data center can help add more green to the planet. They will share how some old tools are teaching these old dogs new tricks to modernize and avoid costs without putting the data center at risk.

You will hear how:

  • Next generation DCIM tools are the trick to Data Center Modernization
  • AI and Machine Learning declutter the data to help make greener decisions
  • Augmented Reality is shedding new light in dark and unfamiliar places

You will hear how these thought leaders are:

  • Improving safety and efficiency in Lights-out data centers
  • Leveraging DCIM software to manage and push IT Modernization
  • Avoiding costs by improving the sustainability of data centers through optimization


  • Dave Martinez, Engineering Program/Project Lead, Infrastructure Computing Services
  • Steve Naumann, Sr Advisor – Data Center Practitioner, Federal Sector
  • Pete Tseronis, Founder & CEO, Dots and Bridges
  • Anthony Vicinelly, Chief Technology Officer, Federal, Nlyte Software
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