Fueled with a steaming, hot Cup of Joe, I am reflecting on this two-year entrepreneurial adventure called business ownership. The abstract vision that is crystallizing for me is one-part exhilarating joyride, one-part humbling reality, and one-part rewarding self-discovery.

Throughout my professional journey, I have been reminded by others that success is determined by “who you know versus what you know.” And while this truism indeed has merit, it is my experience that the persistent cultivation of relationships is what actually yields the environment for genuine, sustainable, and fulfilling success.


On November 1, 2015, I launched Dots and Bridges, LLC. I had a new business card, a new title, and not a clue what the future would present. Today, I am beyond grateful and thankful to be creating a mosaic comprising incredible people, unique experiences, and rare opportunities.

I have learned that it is this collective wisdom teaching me what I DO NOT KNOW that inspires a daily fervor to constantly connect the dots and build new bridges. It is admitting what I don’t know that has made all the difference.


Dots and Bridges may be three simple words, yet what they represent is a universal idiom: Connecting Dots and Building Bridges. It is both subliminal and explicit. Absorbing what I don’t know is what catalyzes my passion to ignite lightbulb moments among disparate communities spanning academia, industry, government, and entrepreneurial domains.

As the Internet of Everything impacts our lives and economies, the result is 24/7 accessibility to information and one another. This is the new normal. It demands that we connect with others. It constantly reminds us that there is more to learn.


At Dots and Bridges, we are positioned to crystallize and distinguish your value proposition. It may be through complementary technologies you discover, enterprising experiences you are unaware of, and/or individuals who can teach you what you do not know but should. This is our differentiator. We want you to know who you don’t know, what you don’t know, and why you need to know.

On this day, I give thanks to all of you that have partnered with us for the past 2+ years for showing me what I do not know. We look forward to collaborating with those interested in contributing to an evolving mosaic rooted in dot-connecting and bridge-building.