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Our Nation’s Research and Development (R&D) agenda is intended to transform diverse ideas into impactful value, contributing to job growth, national security, and continued prosperity. Leveraging the people, the processes, and the technology to support and accelerate innovation requires complementary partnerships spanning Government, Industry, Academia, and Entrepreneurial domains. However, well-intentioned efforts to collaborate among stakeholder communities tend to focus on a “buy-sell” paradigm versus a “seeker-solver” opportunity.

Tune in on July 16th and hear from two of our country’s thought-leading change agents as they address how “Open Government” and “Open Community” themes are key to promoting a fail-fast culture that delivers results and success sooner.

Pete Tseronis, CEO, Dots and Bridges LLC
Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer and Associate Chief Information Officer, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Dave Egts, Chief Technologist and Director, Red Hat