Public, private, academic, and entrepreneurial domains have served an important role in supporting Research and Development (R&D) efforts across our Nation’s most critical infrastructure sectors, addressing national defense, health, safety, the environment, and energy security.

Our Nation’s power grid was born more than a century ago, when our electricity needs were simple and the demand for energy was much lower. As our economy and livelihood rely on the ever-increasing connectivity of devices and technological capabilities, the Energy Sector is investing in strategic partnerships to accelerate investments in grid modernization and create a resilient, flexible and “smarter” grid.

A Smart Grid is much more than the cyber-physical infrastructure; it is also about participatory, collaborative, and transparent engagement. Given today’s ubiquitously-connected world, it is paramount that we embrace an opportunity to pursue research, development, and deployment of key technologies; share robust datasets; integrate models to inform decision-making; harmonize policies where warranted; and enhance public dialogue.

Please join us on September 8th for a stimulating dialogue with two of our Nation’s foremost change agents who are leading efforts to meet these challenges.

Pete Tseronis, CEO, Dots and Bridges LLC
Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO, CPS Energy
Juan J. Torres, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy Systems Integration, National Renewable Energy Laboratory