An accomplished entrepreneur, business executive, and cybersecurity strategist with 30+ years leading myriad Cabinet-level and commercial entities, Pete maintains a passion for collaborating with government, industry, investor, and academic ecosystems to unearth and stimulate transformative innovation while increasing private-sector commercialization.

A trusted thought leader with corporate savvy and substantive technical proficiency, Pete maintains several Advisory Board roles in which Companies leverage Pete’s sophisticated aptitude to facilitate digital transformation, mitigate supply-chain risk, and ensure global growth, particularly across the Smart and Secure Cities/Communities domain.

Pete’s appointment as Chairperson for the Utility Supercluster affirms a dedication to the establishment and demonstration of replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for incubation and deployment of interoperable, secure, standards-based solutions intended to modernize digital, physical and social infrastructure and, thus, make delivery and use of public, private and hybrid services more efficient, cost effective and socially beneficial.

As the Department of Energy’s (DoE) first-ever appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Pete served as an innovation advocator for technology transfer of intellectual property, was an effective and credible collaborator across the international research and development community, and leveraged intellect within the national laboratory enterprise to catalyze economic competitiveness.

Pete founded Dots and Bridges LLC to satisfy his appetite for connecting dots, building bridges, and nurturing relationships.


Mike Brozek is a 30-year veteran of the Energy Sector, with subject matter expertise spanning the digitization of utility generation, transmission, distribution, field support, and customer care operations. Mike’s extensive experience converging Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) infrastructure underpins his expansive knowledge base. A thought leader and practitioner within the critical infrastructure domain, Mike maintains a unique combination of strategic and tactical insight intended to enhance functionality, performance, reliability, security and scalability of utility communication networks.​ A passionate change agent, Mike assists companies committed to transforming our Nation’s Power Grid to meet the economic, environmental, and sustainability requirements for today and tomorrow.

Dr. Charles Harry is a senior leader, practitioner and researcher with over 20 years of experience in intelligence and cyber operations. Harry is the CEO of Decision Point Analytics, a cyber risk consultancy and a associate research professor in the School of Public Policy and College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. He is part of Bain and Company’s External Advisors Network and is an active consultant to a wide range of public and private organizations. Prior to his work with the university, Harry grew and led a $35 million cybersecurity consulting organization combining analysts and developers to deliver innovative solutions to the private and public sector. His public service includes a 14-year career with the National Security Agency rising to the rank of senior technical leader (DISL). He has supported senior policy makers at the White House and has regularly appeared before congressional committees to provide testimony. He is the recipient of the Director of National Intelligence Extraordinary Achievement Medal and the Signal Intelligence Career Achievement Medal. His current research focuses on the development of an analytic framework for assessing cybersecurity risk including the ability to categorize and measure the strategic impact of cyber events on large complex organizations including critical infrastructure.

Ms. Lan Jenson has led many initiatives to improve local governments’ and communities’ cyber risk postures across the US, including regional cybersecurity, multi-year planning, risk assessment, apprentice programs and secure eCommerce.  Ms. Jenson is the Founder and CEO of Cybertrust America (, a not-for-profit business and technology consulting consortium. 

Ms. Jenson also co-founded and co-chairs the NIST and DHS-led Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (SC3): Smart Security and Privacy Supercluster. She started her cybersecurity career at a Fortune 500 company after decoding a hacker’s identity which enabled the Secret Service to make an arrest.

Jennifer Morrissey is a seasoned executive whose competencies include regulatory, legal, and technological matters related to critical infrastructure. A thought leader within the international Smart Cities domain, Jennifer understands the expansive considerations, e.g. environmental, legal, and policy, and due diligence necessary to navigate infrastructure complexities associated with technology insertion. A sought-after speaker and accomplished author, Jennifer’s articulate insights influence a broad swath of public and private communities-of-interest, both in terms of transformative innovation and infrastructure resiliency.

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