Hacks into Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, and other organizations continue to demonstrate the risks of business shutdown as the IT and OT worlds converge.

Businesses and organizations are increasing the geographic diversity of where applications are run and where data resides. They have also become increasingly more dependent on the use of information technology to support other physical systems outside of IT components. This is called IT and OT integration and it means that the attack surface for your organization has grown exponentially, both in size and complexity.

Criminal organizations know that if they target the right application server, they can shut down an entire business. And that’s the lesson where you’ve seen with whether it’s Colonial or similar recent incidents in Atlanta, Florida, Baltimore, or the Ukraine.

But what if they go after a router and take it down. What happens to the services running through it? It’s only a matter of time when the data center and its components becomes a target.

How can we better protect ourselves?
How can we understand the impacts of this increased connectivity?

Listen in on this session where 3 US Federal technology experts discuss the convergence of IT and OT and how to protect vital business processes that run through our data centers.

Charles Harry, PhD, Director of Operations, Maryland Global Initiative for Cybersecurity
Pete Tseronis, Founder & CEO, Dots and Bridges
Anthony Vicinelly, Chief Technology Officer, Federal, Nlyte Software

Charles Harry, Maryland Global Initiative for Cybersecurity
Pete Tseronis, Dots and Bridges
Anthony Vicinelly, Nlyte
Jun 10 2021 | 32 mins

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