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The United States’ critical infrastructure sectors are under continuous attack, and humanity is at risk. Collectively, our Government, Commercial, and Academic partners recognize the need for trusted partnerships and mature technologies. Context-aware analytics, cloud computing, and intelligent automation can foster a reliable, resilient, and next-gen architecture. This effort requires equal parts People, Processes, and Solutions in order to realize “greater good” results.

Join Edward Rhyne, Sachin Nayyar, Aditya Sundararam and Pete Tseronis as they:

  • Celebrate influential thought leadership and vision
  • Address the Technology-Humanity-Culture intersection
  • Inform, Educate, and Enlighten
Location: Virtual
Thursday, June 17, 2021 – 11 am EST

Video Promos:

Video Promo: Digitizing IT OT Convergence | Ed Rhyne

Video Promo: Architecting Threat Models | Sachin Nayyar

Chief Executive Officer

Security Analytics,
Product Management,
Threat Hunting and Detection

Chief Executive Officer
Dots and Bridges

Founded by Pete Tseronis,  the Dots and Bridges Thought Leadership Consortium utilizes the power of Storytelling and Translation to highlight individual passion, feature technological innovation, and convey societal impact.

Pete worked inside the U.S. Federal Government for 25 years, kicking-off his career at the Pentagon and finishing as a Senior Executive Service member. Pete served four Presidential Administrations, three Cabinet Agencies, the Executive Office of the President, and was appointed Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Education.

An accomplished entrepreneur, business executive, and technology strategist with 30+ years leading public, private, and non-profit entities, Pete maintains a fervor for working in partnership with Government, Industry, Investor and Academia ecosystems to unearth inventive solutions, navigate complex landscapes, crystallize competitive advantage, and articulate What’s In It For You (WIFFY).

As such, Pete was recognized as one of the “10 Most Influential CEOs To Watch in 2021.”