Technology Summit – 4th in the series
The Ransomware and Malware Conundrum

Electrosoft Services, Inc. in collaboration with Capital Technology University jointly hosted their 4th in a series of virtual technology forums on July 22, 2021 from 10:00am-12:00 pm ET.

The event theme “The Ransomware and Malware Conundrum” features a distinguished lineup of a keynote speaker and comprehensive breakout session featuring influential federal agency and industry sponsor decision makers for addressing specific federal agency challenges and issues related to Ransomware and Malware. Our panel moderator will be Pete Tseronis from Dots and Bridges. This high-level session provides real answers for protection and prevention from Ransomware and Malware for an ever- expanding federal network enterprise.

The Ransomware and Malware Conundrum –
Hosted by Electrosoft and Capital Technology University
Moderated by Pete Tseronis