The pandemic exacerbated a trend towards remote work. Mobile device proliferation has created an unprecedented cybersecurity challenge for all private and public sector organizations. Until recently, these organizations relied upon current “state of the art” technologies – VPN, etc. – to create perimeter protection for critical data. But literally overnight, that perimeter was gone. Tune in to hear our panel of experts discuss the risks and innovations in this new paradigm including how Browser Isolation can protect an organization’s data at the user’s primary point of contact – the web browser.

What you will learn:

  • Partnerships – Remote Workforce – Risk Mitigation
  • U.S. Department of Energy, Menlo Security, Idaho National Laboratory, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
  • Browser Security – Zero Trust Architecture – Internet of Things

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Thought Leaders

Tiina Rodrigue, EdD
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Mike Rider
Menlo Security

Kim Kelly
U.S. Department of Energy

Rob Roser, PhD
Idaho National Laboratory

Pete Tseronis
CEO and Founder | Moderator
Dots and Bridges, LLC

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